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    Music Licensing

    All of the music on this site was composed by Stuart, with the exception of the 'Associated Artists' section, and the few pieces that are explicitly stated as being covers. Please use the 'Contact' link for all licensing inquiries.

    (Note: the 'Songs' section of this site is for Film/TV/Game industry contacts only. All industry profesionals please send us an email for the credentials to login to that section, which will allow you to browse Stuart's complete catalog of over 100 songs)

  • A little About Stuart

    Stuart is a multi-instrumentalist with more than ten instruments under his belt. His mother started him out on piano when he was just a toddler, at a time when singing - and music in general - was also a constant backdrop in the Richardson home. Then his father - a tenured music professor - began teaching Stuart classical guitar around age seven. In junior high school Stuart chose to learn alto saxophone, since his father also played sax and could readily donate his fine old instrument to the cause. High school brought with it an appreciation of rock, soul and pop music, and Stuart got his first electric guitar and borrowed his father's Fender Twin Reverb to create virtual earthquakes in the basement. Other instruments followed in the ensuing years.

    Music Genres

    Stuart is well-versed in rock, pop, jazz, R&B, hip-hop and rap, and has composed many complex orchestral pieces. He also composes atmospheric, experimental and futuristic music, and can easily stretch out into any other genre.

  • Albums

    The Fire

    The Fire is the latest release by Silver, Stuart's Rock/Pop band (not really a band, just Stuart along with part-time drummer-extrordinaire Mark Romans).

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    Finding Our Way

    Finding Our Way is an instrumental album loosely embodying the Folk genre, featuring acoustic guitar accompanied by a variety of other instrumentation

    read more


    Glimmer was Stuart's debut album as Silver

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    Solo Piano Favorites

    This is Stuart's jazz piano album, featuring American jazz favorites on solo piano, going back nearly 100 years

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    This page features artists that Stuart is directly associated with, either through writing and/or production endeavors.


    Twelvehourmary is an alternative rock band that Stuart played with from '95 through '05 (with frontman Brett Bixby). Their album 'Blowing Over' was produced by the now-legendary hit producer Rich Mouser (all songs are pre-cleared for easy licensing).

    Click here to take a listen. Click here to purchase the album on Amazon.

    Brett Bixby

    After Twelvehourmary Brett recorded his first solo album, and Stuart plays piano and keys on a few tracks (along with a who's who of Long Beach and Orange County talent).
    Album: City Lights (produced by Chris Karn)

    Click here to listen to the title track. Click here to purchase the album on Amazon.

    Eden Rose

    Stuart started working with Eden as her producer when she was only 13 years old, and now nearly a decade later Eden is continuing to broaden her musical horizons.

    Click here to listen to the single 'Haunted'.
  • Contact

    Stuart Brooke Richardson

    16321 NE 77th Cir
    Vancouver, WA 98682
    Telephone: 360-991-0919

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